Where to start with Online Marketing Strategy in 7 Strategic Steps

It is not enough to hire an SEO firm to over-haul your website. Sure, work can be churned out quickly in the form of link building, keyword research, competitive comparisons, social network and reputation management but the ultimate goal may still not be met and frustrations continue to rise because of one key element. Focus.

Your Brand must be of a single focus and well defined. This may already be the case, but for many businesses, there is a misconception when it comes to branding. Your Brand is not a product. It is not an ad or a tag-line. Your Brand needs to stand for something. It is the question that you come back to whenever you make a business or marketing decision in your company.  It is the character of your name.

There are a few strategic steps to discovering and implementing your Brand:

  1. Discover what your Brand/Focus is… and is not.
  2. Find your Place within your industry.
  3. Define your Target Audience
  4. Competitive Comparisons
  5. Discover your Opportunities and Low-hanging Fruit
  6. Develop SEO strategy based on your Brand
  7. Evaluate results

When a clear objective is kept in mind, the primary Focus becomes clear. At the end of each cycle, evaluation of results based on your Brand will increase conversion of lead/visit/customer acquisition in your target market thus increasing your overall return on investment.

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