Securing your Facebook Places page

Facebook has recently released their Facebook Places pages. These will eventually replace the Facebook Business Pages that are tied to physical locations.

NOTE: please keep a look-out for this message when you sign in to your Facebook Business Page:

If you see this message, that means that Facebook has already identified that you can transition your Facebook Business Page to a Facebook Places Page.  The Facebook Places Page contains the same information that the Facebook Business Page has, except that it shows a verified business location.

There are many benefits to verifying your Facebook Places Page:

  • Verified business listing will secure you as the owner of your physical location.
  • Facebook users can TAG themselves and other users at your business location giving you free advertising.
  • Places pages are search engine optimized for your location and will show up in local searches.
  • Removes duplicate listings when having both a Places page and a Business page.
  • You can use Facebook Deals with your Places page.

After clicking on the prompt, look for “claim it now” on your new Facebook Places page.

Facebook Places - Claim it Now

a verification box will appear:

Next you will have to verify your physical location by having a phone call from Facebook to the business number listed on your Places page.

Verify by phone - Facebook

If you can’t answer the phone or the wrong number is listed, there are other methods of verification. Once you have verified your business, you’re done! Enjoy your new Facebook Places Page!

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