30 things you might not know about Google Search

As you might guess, Google search is smarter than you think. Here are 30 tools that you can use to improve your search experience.


This link will help you search with power in the following areas:

  1. Google Weather search
  2. Google Stock Quote search
  3. Google Time Zone search
  4. Google Sports Scores search
  5. Google Music search
  6. Google Sunrise & Sunset search
  7. Google Calculator
  8. Google Book search
  9. Google Earthquakes
  10. Google Unit Conversion
  11. Google Public Data
  12. Google People Profiles
  13. Google Synonym search
  14. Google Dictionary Definitions
  15. Google Spell Checker
  16. Google Local search
  17. Google Movie Showtimes
  18. Google Health Conditions
  19. Google Medications
  20. Google Poison Control
  21. Google Suicide Prevention
  22. Google Flu Vaccine search
  23. Google Flight Planning
  24. Google Currency Conversion
  25. Google Maps
  26. Google Plus Operator
  27. Google Related search
  28. Google Fill-in-the-blank
  29. Google Package Tracking
  30. Google Patent Numbers

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