Review on Widscale Social Networking Update Tool I discovered this tool today for utilizing wide-scale social networking broadcasting. It made me stop to think about the sheer number of social sites that I subscribe to and keep up with along with the time spent massaging the my total online social status. The light came on with this tool and this being the first post that I am sending out using, I am looking forward to the ability to shorten my work-load all the while widening my social reach with social networking avenues that I have not yet harnessed.

This method of social broadcasting can be very useful to link building, branding, and in general creating a buzz. My only reservation about a system like this is the obvious problem with unique user generated content since I refuse to copy and paste any of my written work to multiple social networking areas. This method will certainly be studied and monitored. There must be some value to sheer hard work with creating unique content since as we all know, “content is king.”