Launched Video gets over 73,000 Impressions

It started out as a bad problem with one irritated customer who decided to bad-mouth Hendrick MINI on YouTube resulting in a first-page Google listing for the bad review. After consulting with izmocars, the solution to this problem was presented. The only way to get rid of the bad review was to bury it with good videos. It took about an hour to walk around the dealership collecting videos with a common digital camera ( camera recommended) as well as downloading the available videos from the MINI manufacturer website. These videos were uploaded and marketed across the web totaling about 20 videos in all. The bad review was buried within 24 hours. One of the videos went Viral (became very popular) and has received over 73,000 views so far.

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How Do I Get Visitors To Spend More Time On My Site

Content Is King

Providing interesting content is by far the best way to capture a visitors’ attention and keep them connected to the information and message that is on your website. Subject-oriented content is the driving factor behind all current methods of search. The most frustrating thing to your website visitors is to be disappointed by a page that does not deliver what they were looking for.

Content can come in many forms. Text, video, audio, social, logical, subjective, as well as a host of other types describe the content that can be what a visitor is looking for. A good mix of all of these will make a well rounded site that will keep a visitor entertained and interested for a good period of time. With the release of streaming content via, time on sites with video content increased exponentially. Many people will watch multimedia content even if they would not have spent time reading the same information. Izmocars was one of the first to release a full library of 360 degree rotational vehicle animations in our Virtual Brochure that has become one of the highest lead-converting tools in the industry. Text content, however, should not be overlooked. The search giant, Google, has found that text ads used in the correct way with short descriptive content can actually be more effective than a graphic ad of the same size.

What Do People Want?

The most important thing about content is the message. A strong message that is carried through all content will capture exactly what your visitors are looking for and will minimize the distractions. Searchers have become numb to flashy ads and to blaring content that tries to force a call-to-action. Instead, the best way to give people what they want is to stay on topic and make sure that the organization of your site conveys your message. A good example of this is shown on the online shopping site of Suggestive product offering as well as logical page organization shows visitors only products that are similar to what they are searching for while displaying the critical information in a quick-glance way. Displaying items such as “those who purchased this product also purchased” lists assist visitors into finding other areas of the site that they may not have found on a regular search. This process is called recommended links.

In the automotive industry this concept works very well since inventory, parts, service, and finance are so easily interconnected. One of the foundational principals of the izmocars platform is building interconnected websites that easily link to other similar areas of the site so that website visitors can easily find their way to other lead- generating areas of the site.

Keeping focus in a time-crunch society

Time is such a valuable commodity now that internet searchers have trained themselves to quickly glance down pages in order to gain the gist of the information without actually digesting the content thus spending less time on the site. Carefully engineering your content will draw your visitors into the meat of the message that you are presenting. All too often in the automotive industry in recent times full disclosure has been taken to an extreme. While full disclosure is good and provides a standard of stability in an industry marred by slick-haired sleazy sales the proper way of initiating a spark of interest as a visitor glances down the page is an intricate process. Izmocars uses these marketing techniques to sculpt content that is both disclosing and captivating by creating an interest in the subject that compels users to get in touch in order to gain the value that is offered for simply the price of submitting their contact information.

How Do I Use A Blog To Talk To My Customers (What Are The Secondary Benefits Of A Blog)

Blogging in the Automotive Industry

The internet savvy user wants content that is of interest to them delivered in a way that is easily readable, searchable, and readily receivable. Blogging is the answer to that desire and provides a way for your visitors to subscribe to your content or quickly search for the topic that they are looking for and find a large amount of information on the subject. In the automotive industry, blogging is an excellent way to sculpt the image of your business online.

What to Write About?

Choosing what to write about is the primary question when creating a blog in order to reach out to your customers. The first rule of blogging is to stay on topic. Once you create a blog about your business, all of the posts as a whole make up the way that your visitors perceive you. It is important to carry the same tone in your blog posts throughout your online presence. Whether you are writing a technical blog on the ins and outs of specific models or possibly a more personal route that expresses the philanthropic interests of the dealership in community involvement, the blog should display a singular message. When writing posts for a dealership blog the perception of the visitor should be taken into consideration. For instance, if your intent is to portray your dealership as a integral member of the community, posts on popular local venues and sponsored events will show your customers that your business exists for a higher purpose than just the pursuit of financial gain.

Standards of Blogging

There are many good standards of blogging and ways to make a more interesting blog post that will keep the attention of your readers. The inclusion of multimedia content is helpful as well as descriptive post titles and relevant post labels. This helps make your posts exciting while organizing them in a manner that is easily searchable by your customers. In order to keep readers supplied with fresh information the intervals between posts should be constant. There is no limit to the number of posts that a blog can have and the more frequent, the better. The posts are easily picked up by search engines and through the izmoRainmaker program; the posts are expertly marketed to blog directories in order capture the largest market-reach.

Benefits of Blogging

The benefits of a well constructed blog are paramount to your online marketing presence. Blogs create a large amount of keyword rich content that cannot be matched with the creation of pages or manipulating inventory listings. Blog content is indexed by search engines at a much higher rate than standard internet web pages and can be spread throughout the internet community in a matter of minutes after posting. This new keyword rich content not only is delivered to blog subscribers but frequently gains recognition from the search engines and places your site at the top of searches that would not otherwise have been listed. Finally a blog develops a connection to your audience in ways that are personable so that your blog readers come to view your posts as a source of knowledge and value.