First Page Google Ranking is an Old-School Popularity Game

First page Google Ranking is an old-school popularity game. If you are the most popular person at the party and everyone else thinks that you are THE dealer in town, you will be listed on the top by Google. Remember, it is never enough to just add Meta tags and do search engine submissions to a million search engine indexes and directories. Instead do a search on targeted keywords and you will see the leading site in search engine rankings. All you need to do is to be better than that number one site. The critical success factor to help you beat your competition in high ranking for desired search keywords is an effective ranking and placement methodology. You can list your website high in “first page search results” by the use of appropriate keywords that are sure to increase web visitor counts. And the first step in obtaining significant web visitor counts is to create a “content-rich” site.

Here is the framework for maximizing the number of web pages to be successfully indexed:

  • The Google Success Framework
  • Identify competition
  • Link tracking
  • Identify keywords
  • Combine keywords
  • Add keywords to Content
  • Tune keyword list
  • Submit pages to Search Engines
  • Check Search Engine Submission
  • Check Placement
  • Repeat the process and start again.

Managing SEO is a full-time job for someone. It takes careful research, web analytics, close attention and a strong defined strategy. A good indicator is your Google Page Rank. The next question becomes: “Once I gain first page listing on Google, how can I knock my competitors off the page so that I stand alone?” This is more difficult but it is also a strategy that we implement by achieving high-ranking secured links such as press releases and social media pages that achieve viral recognition. Please note URL ranking results change week to week due to competition. So maintaining SERP requires constant keyword monitoring and information rework.